Fall Harvest, Outdoors & Holidays

Dear SABA Academy Families,

Asalaam alaikum,

I hope this email finds you in good health and faith. Today I write you to inform of our current seasonal event. As many of you know SABA Academy is heading in a new direction; our teaching is more holistic so that we can teach to the whole child. We are also aiming to reintroduce the outdoors to our children in order to keep them connected to nature, something that nurtures the learning capacity. Nature based learning and outdoor classes will enable us to create environmental stewards for the future and form a life ​long ​connection to the natural world around us and a love for learning.

Along these lines, one of our efforts is to teach our children about seasons.  We welcome each season in our classroom with conversations about weather, reasons for changes in the physical environment, eating foods of that particular season, and harvesting from our own classroom gardens that we have outside. This fall were fortunate to have pomegranates, walnuts, pumpkins, and apples donated to our school this year- enough for each student so that the children can learn about the Fall Harvest in a more authentic way.

Our intention here is to share a lesson on Autumn harvest, get the children outdoors and hopefully get the families involved to either make a treat at home: roasted seeds, bake bread, or apple cookies- the options are broad. In the classroom the teachers will be giving students fruits from their harvest pile, some to take home and some to enjoy in the classroom.

This time of year also normally stirs questions students have regarding some holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. For this reason this past Monday we had a school-wide assembly where by Br. Sami and Moulana Abidi gave information to the students regarding the history of these holidays and this Islamic perspective.

We pray that by recognizing these seasons on a more naturalistic way the students will be able to appreciate the beauty and majesty of Allah’s creation.
Thank you for your continued support and cooperation,
SABA Academy
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