Muharram Reflections Part 1

In the Name of God the Compassionate the Merciful

Journey toward the Beloved

To God we belong and to Him we shall return

My Imam! Here I am standing at the door of your temple, the temple of Love.  I shiver as I enter the door.  A hot wind of suffering pushes me back, as your pain penetrates my whole being. I shiver again for my body cannot take this pain. I see you surrounded by your family and companions, humming The Name! As a I hear your humming, I am relieved for a moment by the sweetness of the sound. It is the sound of Love for the Beloved, The Lord of the world.  The silent night emits a serene yet an eerie feeling. It is the feeling of death.  It is not your death my Imam! It is the death of the souls at the other camp. For you are alive, present and eternal, My Beloved and cherished Imam! How can they extinguish  the heat of your love for your Lord! How can they sever your brave stand against oppression, injustice, inequality and violence? I am inspired by your courage. A courage no human can attain, for you are the Master of bravery. I feel it, sense it, smell it as it sends fear and confusion in the hearts of those who are gathered to distort the path of Prophets.

The humming continues, as it vibrates, it pierces my heart. I am overwhelmed by its intensity.  I feel the power of martyrdom.  You have infused fearlessness into the hearts of your companions. They are ready to take on the pain you are about to experience. They want to take it all, protect you from it. But they know that your pain is so strong that their little actions is not sufficient. They weep! I weep with them.   

We weep for our inability to take on your pain! My Imam! As the tears are pouring down, they cleanse my heart from everything but love. I love you my Imam! For how can I not love a lover of God.  I am ready to serve and continue your cause.  My tears shall turn into actions against the injustices in this world.  

The hot wind of pain gets stronger. The encounter is near as the drums of war echoes through the desert. You are ready…
ya hussain (a.s)

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