• The curriculum promotes learning from natural forms and processes, to help create a sustainable and safe natural environment, integrating Qur’anic studies, Islamic morals, English reading and writing, mathematics, science, history/social sciences, health, fine arts, technology and media, Arabic reading and writing, and physical education
  • Supplementary material provided by Florida Virtual to gain access to their extensive catalog of accredited materials
    • Teachers will use these as supplementary material for 9thgrade
    • Certain elective courses will be taught through the virtual program


Tentative 4-year plan:

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
English English 1  English 2: British Literature English 3: American Literature English 4: Adv. Composition or AP English Lit and Comp
Mathematics Mathematics: Algebra I,II, or Geometry  Mathematics: Geometry or Algebra II Mathematics: Calculus I(AP) or Trigonometry Mathematics: Calculus II
Physical Education Physical Education I  Physical Education II
Sciences Health Science: Life Management  Life Science: Biology Chemistry (AP Option) Physical Science:  Physics
History World History  US History AP US or World History (optional) Civics/Economics (AP option)
Language Foreign Language: Spanish I  Foreign Language:    Spanish II Foreign Language:

Spanish III (AP Option)

Foreign Language: Electives*
Fine Arts Required one-year fine arts
Faith Religious

Studies I*

  Religious  Studies II*  Religious  Studies III*  Religious  Studies IV*
Electives  CS Basics  AP Human Geography  AP Chemistry  AP Environmental Science, or AP Biology
Electives Public Speaking/Debate  Foreign Language: Spanish I

Persian I

 Foreign Language: Spanish II

Persian II

 Foreign Language: Spanish III (AP Option)
Electives Computer Science Web Design  Graphic Design Computer Programing
Electives Foreign Language: Persian I Foreign Language:

Persian II

 AP Option  AP Option


Graduation Requirements:

  • Completion of 28 Credits
  • Completion of 50 hours community service
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Completion of a Senior Project


Required Credits
English Language Arts (ELA) 4
History 3
Life Science 1
Physical Sciences 2
Mathematics 2
Physical Education 2
Fine Arts 1
Foreign Language 1
Religious Studies 4
Electives 8
Total 28