Admission Policy

R.I.S.E. Academy 2020-2021 Academic Year

Admission Policy

Applicants will be accepted on the following basis:

1: We are a community-based school. Children of the larger R.I.S.E. community who meet the admission criteria, will be given first consideration.

2: If space is available, any other applicant will be given consideration.

The administration will interview the families of the prospective student(s) to determine the commitment of parents and student(s) and the ability of the school to meet the individual needs of the candidate.

New students will be on probation throughout the school year. Students who do not meet academic and behavioral expectations as determined by the school administration will be asked to seek other educational situations and will not be permitted to remain at the Academy beyond a reasonable period of time to transition to another educational situation.

Academic Readiness

All prospective students are tested for academic and social readiness. This is determined by grade level results on placement/screening test given by the school, previous school performance as indicated by past report cards or formal progress reports and teacher evaluation.


Kindergarten: student must be five (5) years old on or before September 1 of that year. Exceptions to general will be made on case-by-case basis and the Administration will make a final decision, at its sole discretion. For admission policies of children younger than five years old, please contact the Early Education office.


Children with Special Needs

Our Academy is a small private school with limited resources compared to the public schools and other larger private schools.  Public schools receive additional funding for students with special needs and hire specialized staff to serve their unique needs. If your child has special needs, we look forward to discussing the ability of our staff to adequately address and meet your child’s needs in a typical classroom setting.

The Academy does not have specialized facilities or personnel to work with students who have significant learning differences. The Academy will evaluate students with learning differences on a case-by-case basis with respect to the school’s ability to provide those students a quality education. While the Academy will make every effort to serve the needs of each student, the School may deny enrollment of a student if the school determines, at its sole discretion, that it cannot adequately serve the needs of the candidate.