R.I.S.E. Academy High School Program

R.I.S.E. Academy aims to focus on the holistic development of the child covering the psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and social well-being. This is accomplished by educating the child in the formation of faith, family and community.

It is our vision to guide and nurture students to become role models who will exhibit high levels of God-consciousness, professional excellence and civic leadership by serving society at large.


Course Description:

Encourages students to grasp concepts and patterns across a huge breadth of time and space and helps to facilitate global understandings and connections in the classroom. This text captures a truly global approach by discussing and comparing major societies and focusing on their interactions. This course identifies six periods in world history. Each period is determined by three basic criteria: a geographical rebalancing among major civilizational areas, an increase in the intensity and extent of contact across civilizations (or, in the case of the earliest period, cross regional contact), and the emergence of new and roughly parallel developments in many major civilizations. Based on “comparative work and focuses on global processes,” this text helps students see the history of the world as one based on multiple disciplines.


Course Description:
This course integrates writing, grammar and usage, literature, speaking and listening. It covers the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, editing and proofing. The course covers the study of form in personal narratives, descriptions, and expository papers. Grammar for writing is covered along with a variety of multicultural literature: short stories, novels, tales, poetry, mythology, drama and nonfiction. The course emphasizes oral and written response to literature, distinguishing characteristics of various genres and vocabulary study.

Additional Readings:
Epic of Gilgamesh
The Death of Iven Ilych
All Quiet on the Western Front

Algebra 2

Course Description:
This course is designed to build on the previous knowledge of basic Geometric and Algebraic concepts and prepare students for more advance topics. Students will review the basic concepts, learn more about the connection between Geometry and Algebra, and work on different techniques for solving system of equations and functions.

Computer Science

Course Description:

Dive into an exciting course that will provide you with the foundational skills needed for exciting careers like game development, military defense, web design, and software engineering! You will explore Microsoft Office online applications, web design, emerging technologies, operating systems, project management, communication methods, Information Technology careers, and much more in this course. Learn about your strengths and how they relate to different career paths.

This course serves as a prerequisite to many exciting career and technical education programs of study.


Additional Lessons:

Introduction to programming in Java

Students will get to learn the very basics of programming in Java with some hands on example. They will create simple programs, and very simple applets.


Introduction to 3D Printing

Students will get to learn the very basics of creating a 3D model and then printing their models.


Introduction to Raspberry Pi (tentative)

Students will get to learn the very basics of what is a Raspberry Pi and what are some practical applications for this device.

Health Sciences

Course Description:

This is a semester class (0.5 credit) which is required for graduation. This course will help the students develop the skills they need to improve their personal and interpersonal health. Each health skill is taught and reinforced, ensuring that students master these essential skills.

Physical Educaiton

Course Description:

This course addresses individual and dual activities, effects of physical activity upon dynamic health, and the mechanics of body movement. In this course students develop proficiency in their movement skills, expand their capabilities for independent learning, and examine practices that allow sound decision making to enhance successful participation in movement activities. Students are provided with opportunities to improve their health­ related physical fitness as well as to understand advanced concepts related to physical fitness and physical activity. Students learn how to achieve physical fitness and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle throughout their lifetime. This course also provides an opportune setting for adolescents to learn appropriate social interaction skills through team building exercises and sports activities.












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